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Cover of Killers of Eden

Killers of Eden

For almost one hundred years, the same pack of killer whales returned to Twofold Bay, at Eden on the NSW south coast. These killers assisted the shore-based whalers during the winter whaling season.

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Cover of Empire of Straw

Empire of Straw

Benjamin Boyd manipulated the Royal Bank of Australia to stride like a financial colossus through the young colony of New South Wales buying up pastoral properties starting to build a city at Twofold Bay to rival Sydney, trying take over the coastal trade and acquiring sailing ships for deep sea whaling.

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Cover of The Fatal Lights

The Fatal Lights

Why did it happen? On the night of August 20, 1857, the British clipper ship Dunbar was smashed to pieces at the entrance to Sydney Harbour, sending 121 of the 122 passengers and crew to their deaths just as they were preparing to land after their 89 days voyage from England.

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Cover of Manly Ferries of Sydney Harbour

Manly Ferries of Sydney Harbour

Manly Ferries of Sydney Harbour tells of the early paddlewheeler days, the era of the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company that brought the Dee Why, Curl Curl and South Steyne, the decline of the ferries and their recent return to popularity.

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Cover of Man Is Never Free

Man Is Never Free

The book tells the true story of a conspiracy to misuse the law, which made martyrs of six English farm labourers - today the heroes of the trade union movement.

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Cover of Breaking The News

Breaking The News

This is not strictly an autobiography. It is more a story which brings to life the interesting and dramatic events and people who shaped Australia's history during the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, as they were seen through the author's eyes.

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Cover of A Few Words

A Few Words

As a journalist Tom Mead gives advice on grammar and style using Australian newspaper articles as examples

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